Legal And Ethical Dilemma For Using Counterfeit Doctor Note

Legal And Ethical Dilemma For Using Counterfeit Doctor Note

At present, the Internet is rampant with several netsites offering counterfeit doctor notes; and individuals are more than willing to make use of these notes to elucidate their absence from work or school. These internetsites are catering how to get a doctors note an existing demand and whether or not they should held accountable is a distinct matter altogether.

Folks don't have any qualms about using counterfeit physician notes and do not realize the chance they taking. Should the workplace or school determine that the notes are fake, there would a lot of explaining to do. And, if the individual has solid the signature of practicing physician or doctor, then he or she could possibly be arrested for fraud. There have been instances the place people have gotten caught utilizing fake physician notes and located themselves within the dock going through severe fines and jail time. Additionally, a professional will find yourself dropping his or her job, while a college student might be expelled for using a fake doctor note.

Before an individual resorts to using this note, he or she ought to consider all the pros and cons. There's authorized and ethical dilemma of utilizing counterfeit doctor note in play too.

At the moment, most companies have no-fault termination policies which attendance based. If an worker has poor attendance document, she or he will be terminated. Usually, no-fault termination policies are level based. The workers have to succeed in the maximum limit of points for unexcused absences earlier than being terminated. Hence, many individuals wish to keep away from this reaching the limit and resort to utilizing pretend excuse notes.

Realizing that using a faux doctor's note is legally improper, many people still use them. They try to get authentic wanting notes from the Internet after which fill in the particulars and submit the note to the HR Department or their supervisor. However, this is an offense that may attract jail time in addition to penalties if the employer finds out that the note is cast and not issued by a real physician for a genuine medical problem.

Imagine a state of affairs where you find $a hundred lying on your boss' table. Would you walk away with that money? Most probably not. Why? Because it is morally improper to steal and plus an individual can be afraid of being labeled a thief. Likewise, whenever you submit a pretend physician's note, you might be breaching society's ethical, ethical and legal standards.

On the other hand, people attempt to justify that the no-fault termination policies being followed by so many firms and organizations is a cause for rise in the number of individuals using counterfeit physician's notes. If employers would start to empathize with their employees and realize that they too want some time off at times from work, the number of individuals using these false notes would decrease.

Therefore, the legal and ethical dilemma for using counterfeit physician note will not be that straightforward to explain or understand. Both sides have a valid level and it is rather difficult to take sides in a scenario like this.